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Town Court
Judges: John R. Dinin AND Erik P. Jacobsen
Court Clerks: Nancy Artese, Diane Georgio
Location: 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Telephone: (914) 666-6965
FAX: (914) 666-2490
E-mail: [email protected]

To View 2011 Year End Town Justice Court Independent Auditor's Report, Statement of Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements and Cash Balances, click here.

A PLEA SENT BY E-MAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A plea may be entered in person or by mail at the Court Office (except misdemeanor pleas, which must be entered in person on specified return date).

Court Meeting Schedule: *note change to Monday night schedule
Vehicle and Traffic Trials: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, starting at 11am.
Civil & Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant: Civil and small claims matters and landlord/tenant cases are heard the first* Monday night of each month, beginning at 6pm. Criminal hearings take place at 9am on the second Monday of each month, and jury trials are held beginning at 9am on the fourth Monday of each month.
Code Violations: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, starting at 2pm.
Criminal Part
: Every Thursday at 7pm.
Parking Tickets (trials): 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, starting at 2pm.

Court Security:
All persons entering the Court are subject to magnetic screening. Weapons and other prohibited items, as established by the judges, may not be brought into Court, and will not be vouchered by court personnel. The Court’s complete Security Policy can be viewed here.

Payment of Fines:
After April, 2008, personal and business checks will no longer be accepted in payment of fines. Credit card payments in person and by mail are acceptable; the Court accepts Master Card and Visa only. Cash, certified checks and money orders are also accepted, but do not send cash by mail.

Court Internship Program:
The Court has a volunteer intern program for high school students. Interns are introduced to all aspects of the Court’s operations and are permitted to attend public court sessions as observers, including criminal, civil and traffic calendars, and jury trials. Interested students should contact the Court Clerk, Helen Magnotta, at 666-6965.

Vehicle and Traffic FAQ's:
Is there a schedule of standard fines for traffic violations?
No. Fines are set at the discretion of the Court, within certain maximum/minimum guidelines prescribed by law, based on the severity of the offense. Repeat violations usually are assessed higher fines.

Q: If I plead guilty or am found guilty after trial, how long will I have to pay the fine?
All fines must be paid on the date of trial or guilty plea. If you are unable to pay your fine when due, your license may be suspended.

Q: What happens if I ignore my summons or miss my Court date?
The Court will notify the DMV, which will suspend your license. Driving while your license is suspended can be charged as a misdemeanor, or even, in some cases, as a felony. If you miss a Court date, call the Court Office, which will reschedule your appearance after you post bail.

Q: How long after I move to New York State can I continue to use my out-of-state license?
30 days. Use of your out-of-state license after that period is an infraction. It's also an infraction to hold licenses from more than one state.

Q: I have been charged with DWI. Will I continue to be able to drive after my first Court appearance?
Quite possibly not. Better bring a backup driver to Court. And a lawyer.

Q: I have been charged with AUO (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation). What does that mean?
It means that you have been charged with driving after your license has been suspended, usually for failure to answer a summons or to pay a fine (or for other reasons, like suspended insurance). This is a misdemeanor, and can result in serious penalties. It is advisable for you to try to clear up the discrepancy before you come to Court, and bring your documentation. Keep in mind that you cannot legally drive while you are suspended, even to Court.

Q: Am I entitled to a Court-appointed lawyer in the trial of a traffic infraction?
No, although you may bring a lawyer at your own expense.

Am I entitled to a Jury in a trial of a traffic infraction?

Small Claims Court FAQ's:
Q: What are the jurisdictional limits of Small Claims Court?
Small claims and counterclaims are limited to $3,000. The defendant must live or work in the Town of Bedford or have a place of business here.

Q: Do I have to do all the paperwork to bring a small claim?
You must fill out a form at the Court office, and the Clerk will be available for questions.

Q: Do I need lawyer in Small Claims Court?
Absolutely not, although you may bring one. The procedure is informal and designed to permit individuals to bring and defend claims without being skilled in the law.

Q: I've just received notice of a Small Claim being brought against me. What if I just don't appear?
The Court may issue a default judgment against you.

Q: I've brought a small claim to recover damages from an auto accident. How do I prove the damages?
Bring a receipted bill from the repair, or, if you haven't yet had the car repaired, bring at least two itemized estimates of the cost of the repairs.
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