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Department of Public Works - Water Division
Kevin Winn, P.E.
Deputy Commissioner: Bob Mascianica
William Nickson
Sr. Office Assistant: Leigh Valvano
Location: 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Telephone: (914) 666-7855
FAX: (914) 244-4302
E-mail: [email protected]


Bedford Consolidated Water District Filtration Plant Project Update, May 2013
Construction and testing of the new Consolidated Water District Water Filtration Plant is almost complete. The construction contractors successfully operated the plant for two weeks in March and early April using water treatment chemicals to fully demonstrate and optimize operations. A few system issues became apparent during the two week demonstration period and they are currently being resolved. This has added two months to the project schedule.

Getting to this point has been delayed due to equipment related issues. Barring further delays or issues, the plant will likely be completed, tested, and approved by regulatory agencies in May 2013. At that point the District plans to treat NYC water and supply it to our customers. The project continues to be within budget.

The plant was designed with technologies to allow for unattended operation, as is the case with our current water treatment facilities. For about one year, the new plant will be used along with our existing well supplies while we test the plant and work to obtain regulatory approval to run the plant without the need for constant staffing. During this one year period the supply will be blended from the new plant and existing wells, so the water will still have moderate to high levels of hardness (calcium and magnesium). Residents with water softeners are advised to keep them until we are fully switched over to the new supply. Information will be sent to residents by letter and Town website postings about when the new plant is in use and when the use of the existing wells has stopped.

Please contact the Bedford DPW Water Division at 914-666-7855 if you have questions or require additional information.

Click here to view the 4/22/09 Public Information Session presentation for the Bedford Consolidated Water District Water Filtration Plant

Drinking Water System and Hydro-Fracking Risks - Commissioner of DPW Presentation

Four Water Districts within the Town serve 2,340 households through public water supply systems. The Cedar Downs Water District in the Stanwood section of Bedford serves 66 homes, the Farms Water District in The Farms section of Bedford Village serves 83 homes, the Old Post Road Water District serves 54 homes and businesses, and the Consolidated Water District distributes water to 2,137 homes and businesses in the Katonah and Bedford Hills areas. The remainder of Town residents rely on private wells for their water.

The department diligently monitors the public water supply for quality. In addition, they are charged with reading water meters, repairing and replacing fire hydrants, repairing water main breaks. Each of the districts is served by two wells and while each of the small districts has one water storage tank, the Consolidated District has two. The department does not test the water from private wells as that is the homeowner's responsibility.

Questions regarding water pressure problems -- both too high or too low -- should be directed to the department. Also, contact the district if you are about to undertake major construction to determine the location of water lines.

Water bills are rendered quarterly and meter usage provides major revenue to the district. In addition, there is a Water District tax levied on properties within the various districts.

Water Bill Payments
Make your checks payable to: Town of Bedford Water Districts, include your Customer Number on your check or money order and allow enough time for mailing. Your bill is not considered paid until payment is received. Please include the Payment Stub of the bill with your payment for fast and accurate credit to your account. Please do not send cash. Please direct your remittance to:

Town of Bedford Water Districts
425 Cherry Street
Bedford Hills , NY 10507

TO PAY ON LINE: If you pay your bill through your bank’s On Line Bill Payment Service please update the billing information and make sure you include your customer number on your check for fast and accurate credit to your account.

TO PAY IN PERSON: If time does not permit mailing your payment or you prefer to pay your bill in person, you may make a payment at Water Department office located at the following address:

425 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Phone (914) 666-7855
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call our office. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Radio Water Meters
How does radio meter reading technology work?
A small device is attached to your water meter. It automatically reads your water reading and transmits this data to a computer-equipped vehicle, which is driven down your street.
Do I have to have it installed?
Yes, all water meters will have to be equipped with automatic meter reading equipment (AMR). Lack of AMR will require a meter reader to personally obtain the reading and the office to manually enter the data.
How much will it cost me to have AMR installed?
There is no charge for the equipment or installation.
Will the radio system raise my water rates?
If your existing meter was not accurately measuring your water usage, you may see an increase in your water bill.
How long will this device work?
Life expectancy of the radio unit is 10 years. The water meter has a life expectancy greater than 20 years.
Will the low-frequency radio signal interfere with my cellular telephone, TV, computer or any other equipment?
No. The radio signal is very low powered and weaker than the signal from a cell telephone. The AMR radio signal will not disrupt any other radio signals.
How does AMR benefit me?
AMR eliminates the need for a meter reader to visit your premises. This increases privacy and convenience, AMR reduces human error so that you receive accurate bills. AMR eliminates, with rare exceptions, the need to estimate your bill.
Who will perform the installations?
Town of Bedford Water Department employees will perform the installation.
Who can I call if I have other questions?
Additional information on radio meters can be found on National Metering Services and you can call the Town Water Department at 666-7855.

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