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What's New-Photo of Katonah Museum of Art
Recreation Field Hockey Clinic on August 16th
NYS DEC Guidance to Avoid Conflicts With Coyotes and Black Bears

The following roads within the Town will be paved . Paving will begin on August 19th (paving should take about two week, weather permitting).

Brett Lane (Bedford section)
Ferris Lane (Bedford section)
Brundage Ridge Road
Millbrook Road (Bedford section)
Millbrook Place
Ambler Drive
Cartway East
Old Cross River Road
Harris Rd: Adams St . to Beaver Dam Road
Bedford Ave . in Bedford Hills
Handy Lane
Meadow Lane
Old Mill Lane
Rockledge Road
Druid Place
Old Village Lane
Fisher Lane
High Street from North to Cross
Cross Street
Summit Road
Undercliff Road
Edna & Plainfield: Edna to Dead End
Parts of Bedford Center Road

There may be temporary disruptions to traffic and access during paving operations. Residents are also asked to refrain from parking on these streets as paving proceeds. Vehicles that remain on the street as the paving operations proceed will be towed. As indicated above, the precise scheduling of work depends upon weather conditions and the proper operation of paving equipment, therefore, your patience and understanding are appreciated. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact the Bedford Public Works Department at 914-666-7669.

Bedford Consolidated Water District Filtration Plant Project Update, June 2013
The Town is excited to announce the filtration plant began treating NYC water and supplying it to our customers on June 6, 2013! Getting to this point was a huge undertaking, and we are pleased to begin operation of the new plant. The plant will replace our existing groundwater supplies and provide a long-term, high quality source for the Consolidated Water District.

The plant was designed with technologies to allow for unattended operation, as is the case with our current water treatment facilities. For about one year, the new plant will be used along with our existing well supplies while we test the plant and work to obtain regulatory approval to run the plant without the need for constant staffing. During this one-year period the supply will be blended from the new plant and existing wells, so the water will still have moderate to high levels of hardness (calcium and magnesium). Residents with water softeners are advised to keep them until we are fully switched over to the new supply. Information will be sent to residents by letter and the Town website about when the use of the existing wells has stopped.

The facility still has a construction punch list. Once construction is completed we will schedule a grand opening and a tour for our customers. Please contact the Bedford DPW Water Division at 914-666-7855 if you have questions or require additional information.

MS4 Stormwater Management Annual Report
The Draft of the MS4 Stormwater Management Annual Report will be presented at the Town Board meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at 8pm. Public comment is welcome. Please address written comments or questions to Jeffrey Osterman, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford Hills, NY 10507, 914-666-4434 or email: [email protected] Back to top

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